our kids 

The Ozone is the product of two dedicated, caring parents who experienced first hand the trials, troubles and tribulations finding daycare options that all our kids would enjoy.  We, as working parents, realized that our kids needed and deserved better than what others were offering and so the seeds of the Ozone were planted...

Our oldest was an artistic kid, who really enjoyed her art work and creating things.  Our middle child, a boy, was all about the action.  He could run, play and compete all day long without stopping.  Our youngest, and favorite, was a combination of both.  She could enjoy quite time or she could compete with the rest of them, it just depended on how she was feeling that day.  So we thought we'd build a place for all types of kids and all types of activities.  

Our first location, The Ozone, has been operational since 2009 and caters to the older kids (grades 5-8).  But for those who have worked with kids know, if you like working with one age group, you like working with them all.  So, when the opportunity came to start our second site, we jumped at it..