The "ZONES" AT Ozone

At the Ozone, we are famous for creating spaces that allows kids to be in a natural, "like home" environment.  O2 is 13,500 square feet of open, comfortable, and fun play space.  You can imagine what it takes to convert this from a retail space to a great place for kids... Not to worry, we've been at it for a while and will be ready for the "live show" soon.  In the meantime, take a tour of our place and see what it will be like once we're finished.


Up Front


The Studio Zone

Great for crafts and messy projects! Past favorites have been slime, tie-dye t-shirts, friendship bracelets and coloring. It's all about creating for the fun of it.

The Board Room

Full of fun board games from Operation, Candy Land, Guess Who, building blocks, puzzles, explorer tables and so much more!



The Cyber Café

Computer labs are so yesterday... So ours is unlike any other.  Using laptops and tablets, the room has the feel of a cafe more than a computer room. So how about some robotics, or cool YouTube videos? It's also great for getting your homework done before heading home!


The Chill Zone

An X-Box, Wii and a big screen TV makes this the perfect room to just "chill out".  But not to worry, we also have some very interactive games in here as well (Just Dance, Deal or No Deal, Karaoke, Family Feud and more)


The Back

The Big Gym

'Nuff said.  This is our largest indoor turf field, big enough for several groups to play on at once.  You'll see any of our 1000's of games we've provided our counselors with going on in here.

The Courts

Our "little gym", with its sports court, has many rolling, running and rocking activities that take place here. With basketball hoops, a game of knock out is sure to pop up in here.

The Fields

With so many parks and play spaces in Hanover, we'll never run out of places to play!

And more!

And then there's more, and more and more... So many target games from Archery to Paintballs to Slingshots.

Or perhaps it's fishing time, or a trip to one of the many great outdoor areas in Richmond!