The Base Package

While participating in our After School program, all children will be picked up from school and brought safely to our facility. After completing their homework, they can spend quality time doing something they enjoy. Heck, we’ll even make sure they have a chance to get a healthy snack, as we all know how growing kids never seem to get enough to eat.  Our trained, fun loving and energetic staff will make sure they’re getting the most out of their time with us!


 We do More than most daycares

Need help getting your child to lessons offsite (martial arts, gymnastics, dance class)?  Just ask! We know how hard it is to leave work, gather the kids and get to where you need to be.  For just $5/trip, we will make sure your child gets there on time

Want Lessons or additional help onsite? So you want more for your child?  We can help.  Starting with the base package, you can add on a lesson of your choice each week. Select from special tutoring, guitar  lessons or keyboard lessons.  We can help you set it up and get things going...


 So what's the damage?

You see, we are unlike other day-cares in many ways... At The Ozone, you only pay for the days you come!  And if you’re enrolled in a full-time program, there is no extra charge for half-days or full-days off of school. (We do have special camp sessions during the winter, spring and summer breaks for when school is out for a week or longer). Check out the pricing page and pricing FAQ for more details.


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